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25 transaction slightly increased construction steel prices accelerated decline

On May 25, the national construction steel turnover totaled 133870 tons, with a daily increase of 18.17% and a weekly decrease of 1.43%. The trading volume rela...
On Thursday, the national construction steel turnover monitoring data showed that the transaction increased slightly; Sub-regional, today the country's provinces construction steel turnover performance is poor, see East China, Northeast China increased by nearly 20%, East China increased by nearly 10%, the overall turnover increased slightly. Today's phase of the spiral shock down, spot accelerated decline, further expansion of the decline, market sentiment is still poor, trading atmosphere cold, low frequency in the morning, attracting some just need to volume, the afternoon continues to fall, market sentiment deeply pessimistic. In general, the screw output bottomed out, the incremental momentum of infrastructure weakened, the real estate high-frequency data declined from the previous month, the debt risk in some regions has not been cleared, the whole industrial chain lacks circulation vitality, before the macro framework has not been reversed, the construction steel price can hardly bottom out.

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